Report on ‘Loneliness and the Workplace’ from Cigna Shows Findings on Mental Health and Social Engagement

Jan 29, 2020

Younger generations are lonelier than older generations, according to a new report called “Loneliness and the Workplace” from Cigna, which is a follow-up to their 2018 study.

Nearly eight in 10 Gen Zers (79%) and seven in 10 millennials (71%) are lonely, versus half of boomers (50%) while, overall, three in five Americans (61%) classify as lonely, according to results from Cigna’s latest research. This represents a 7-percentage point increase in loneliness in America from their groundbreaking 2018 survey.

The report is based on the responses of more than 10,400 adults in the U.S using survey questions based on UCLA’s Loneliness Scale, one of the most referenced and acknowledged academic measures used to gauge loneliness. This report shows
exactly how widespread loneliness is in America, and how these feelings differ across various demographic groups.

To see the full set of findings, view the Cigna report here.