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September 2015
2015 Age-Friendly Report: Inspiring Communities
Tags: Age-Friendly Communities, Civic Engagement, Employment, Housing, Social Engagement, Transportation, Volunteerism
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The 2015 Age-Friendly Report: Inspiring Communities looks at the 8 domains of livability by featuring 16 communities who are working toward becoming more age-friendly. Domains include outdoor spaces and buildings, transportation, housing, social participation, respect and social inclusion, civic participation and employment, communication and information, and community and health services. Source: AARP

August 2015
Reflections on Job Quality
Tags: Employment, Older Workers, Retirement
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Read an AARP Future of Work@50+ essay by employment expert Paul Osterman of MIT to learn about recent trends in job quality and future challenges and opportunities facing workers, employers, and government.  Source: AARP