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December 2020
Age-Friendly Winter Spaces: Ideas for Municipalities to Embrace Winter (Guide)
Tags: Physical Activity, Social Engagement
Format: Toolkit

Through grant funding, collaboration, and technical support, communities across Massachusetts have an opportunity to support residents of all ages in remaining physically active and socially engaged this winter. See this new guide outlining potential strategies for communities developed by the Executive Office of Elder Affairs, the Massachusetts Healthy Aging Collaborative and WalkBoston. Below, you can find great examples of communities that embrace winter spaces and activities: (more…)

May 2019
AARP: Engaging the Community to Create Community
Tags: Age-Friendly Communities, Social Engagement
Format: Report

Using Cities of Service’s citizen engagement model and experience helping mayors work with residents to solve problems, as well as AARP’s age-friendly-communities model and experience working with communities and volunteers, this free booklet offers examples of effective strategies, initiatives and programs employed by mayors in towns and cities throughout the United States.


September 2015
2015 Age-Friendly Report: Inspiring Communities
Tags: Age-Friendly Communities, Civic Engagement, Employment, Housing, Social Engagement, Transportation, Volunteerism
Format: PDF

The 2015 Age-Friendly Report: Inspiring Communities looks at the 8 domains of livability by featuring 16 communities who are working toward becoming more age-friendly. Domains include outdoor spaces and buildings, transportation, housing, social participation, respect and social inclusion, civic participation and employment, communication and information, and community and health services. Source: AARP

April 2015
AARP Livability Index
Tags: Age-Friendly Communities, Data, Housing, Social Engagement, Transportation
Format: Website

How livable is your community? Use the AARP’s newly launched Livability Index to find out. Communities receive category scores in Housing, Neighborhood, Transportation, Environment, Health, Engagement, and Opportunity.

December 2014
The Guide to Overcoming Holiday Depression for the Elderly and their Caretakers
Tags: Family Caregiving, Mental Health, Reducing Isolation, Social Engagement
Format: Website

This guide provides tips and advice for the elderly, their caregivers, and family members on how to beat holiday depression.

March 2014
Dance for Health: Promoting Physical, Mental and Social Well-­Being for Older Adults in Southwest Boston
Tags: Arts in Aging, Healthy Aging Forum, Massachusetts, Mental Health, Physical Activity, Reducing Isolation, Social Engagement
Format: PDF, Presentation

View this poster presented at the 2014 Healthy Aging Forum, “Dance for Health: Promoting Physical, Mental, and Social Well-Being for Older Adults in Southwest Boston.”

December 2013
Grantmakers in Aging
Tags: Age-Friendly Communities, Arts in Aging, Chronic Disease Self-Management, Elder Abuse, Fall Prevention, Family Caregiving, Finances, Funding, Housing, Mental Health, Multicultural Aging, Nutrition, Older Workers, Pain Management, Physical Activity, Retirement, Social Engagement, Transportation
Format: Website

Grantmakers in Aging is a membership organization that is a national catalyst for philanthropy, with a common dedication to improving the experience of aging. This website provides information on a variety of aging issues from affordable housing to mental health, family caregiving, and transportation and more.