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City Parks Alliance Promotes Infographic, Resources to Help Communities Create Public Parks

City parks play a vital role in the social, economic, and physical well-being of America’s cities and their residents. They also play a role in inclusive age- and dementia friendly communities.

The City Parks Alliance created an infographic listing the benefits of public parks, including access to recreational opportunities, increasing property values, spurring local economies, combatting crime, and protecting cities from environmental impacts. Parks are now recognized as powerful tools for urban communities and local economies.

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MassDOT Launches Statewide Long-Range Transportation Plan and Solicits Public Feedback

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) is kicking off its 2050 Statewide Long Range Transportation Plan, entitled Beyond Mobility, by reaching out across the state to get residents to participate in an online survey. The survey is available at the following link (https://arcg.is/0HHyPD) and will be offered in all major languages spoken in Massachusetts.

The Massachusetts Healthy Aging Collaborative encourages age- and dementia friendly communities and stakeholders to complete and promote the survey in their networks to help raise the voice of older adults within the eventual plan. Continue reading

WalkBoston Report Reveals Fatal Pedestrian Crashes Disproportionately Impact Older Adults

A report released by WalkBoston, a Massachusetts pedestrian advocacy organization and key partner for the Mass. Healthy Aging Collaborative, provides new insights evaluating where and how fatal pedestrian crashes are happening across the state, and what these patterns tell us about creating safe roads for all. Among other findings, the report shows that over half (40 of 75) of the deaths happened in just 12 municipalities.  Continue reading

Greenfield, Mass. Project Featured in AARP Photo Album Highlighting Past ‘Community Challenge’ Grantees

As AARP continues to promote the Community Challenge Grant Program with an application deadline on March 22nd, the organization is also highlighting the creative past projects that have supported older adults.

In its recent newsletter, AARP Livable Communities released a photo album called “Have a Seat” that displays all the places to sit in parks and on plazas, along hiking trails and at transit stops that have been funded by the Community Challenge Grant. Continue reading

MassDOT Includes Dementia Friendly Design Guide in ‘Shared Streets & Spaces’ Grant Resources

The Shared Streets and Spaces Grant Program from the Mass. Department of Transportation (MassDOT), which has a current funding round with application due on March 1, has provided an opportunity for cities and towns to improve public health, safe mobility, and strengthened commerce. The Mass. Healthy Aging Collaborative is proud to share that MassDOT has included a guide on dementia friendly design considerations in its resource library for the program. Continue reading