Village Model and Age/Dementia Friendly Movement Featured at Upcoming Workshop

Mar 13, 2019

An “Aging in Community” workshop, including presentations on Age- and Dementia Friendly Communities, will be held on 29 March at Lasell College, with satellite venues at Berkshire Community College and Cape Cod Community College.

Presentations by Massachusetts village-type organizations will address the following:

  • How they create and maintain an environment that encourages social connections and engagement;
  • Provide information and education to help their members maintain good health and quality of life at reasonable costs;
  • Provide personal support for members needs arising in daily living;
  • Encourage member participation in activities that provide a sense of involvement, contribution, and achievement.

Other presentations will focus on more broadly based initiatives: The Age-Friendly Community; The Dementia-Friendly Community; The Age Friendly University.

This event is co-sponsored by CNAP Alliance and the Village to Village Network. Complete information on the workshop, a detailed agenda, and an online registration form can be found at