World Health Organization Releases Toolkit for Promoting Physical Activity Among Older People

Oct 25, 2023

Noting the myriad benefits of physical activity for older adults, including the ability to maintain and improve mental health and cognitive ability, delay the onset of dementia, and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, the World Health Organization (WHO) released “Promoting physical activity for older people: a toolkit for action.”

The resource includes information and research that can help communities working to become more age- and dementia friendly take action to promote physical activity among older adults. This could be helpful in building partnerships, as the toolkit suggests, but also for seeking grants and local support.

The WHO resource also includes case studies from across the globe that can help spark ideas on how different programs and practices could work in other community settings.

One specific benefit to the toolkit is the backing it provides to promoting physical health as a way to support mental well-being, including people living with dementia, depression, anxiety and other conditions.

For more information, see the full WHO toolkit here.