AARP and Institute for Local Self-Reliance Announce “Exploring Digital Equity” Fact Sheets

Apr 27, 2022

Created by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR) with support from AARP,  the Exploring Digital Equity Fact-Sheet Series consists of six PDF briefs. The reports examine the challenges still faced by millions of people — of all ages — in need of a reliable, effective and affordable way to get online.

This will be added to MHAC’s Digital Equity Resource page with a range of reports, research and case studies on how communities and stakeholders have addressed digital equity and older adults.

The fact sheet series addresses the following topics and can be downloaded here.

  1. What is Broadband? addresses the basics of internet access, defining key terms, technologies and uses

  2. Broadband Access Challenges tackles high-speed internet infrastructure, affordability and adoption issues

  3. Broadband Affordability Challenges explores the financial obstacles facing unconnected households

  4. Broadband Availability Challenges dives into why some households have access to the fastest internet infrastructure while others languish on slower connections, and millions of households still lack basic connections at all

  5. Key Digital Skills for Broadband examines the challenges in making sure that everyone who wants to use the internet has the skills to do so

  6. Expanding Device Availability for Broadband charts the connection between broadband adoption, access and device use