Enter Your Age- and Dementia Friendly Efforts for Mass Municipal Association Innovation Award

Aug 16, 2017

More and more cities and towns across the state are taking up Age- and Dementia Friendly commitments and now communities have a chance to be recognized by the Massachusetts Municipal Association for that work through the organization’s annual Innovation Awards.

Mass Municipal Association (MMA) criteria states that “any project or program that has been successfully implemented in your municipality and that may serve as a model for other communities could be considered innovative. Innovations should address a problem common to municipalities in Massachusetts in a new and different way. Innovative programs can be instituted in any area of local government.”

The awards will be presented at the MMA Annual Conference and Trade Show in January.

How to enter
• Download and fill out the Innovation Award Summary Sheet (33K Word), which includes:
Project Title
Name of official completing form, with title, address, and phone number
Date of program/project inception
Description of project
Who is involved (individuals and groups)
Goals (and if they have been achieved)
Cost and funding structure (if applicable)

• Have the community’s chief municipal official sign the nomination form (28K Word)

• Include any additional materials that would assist the judges in understanding the project or program. Feel free to send photos, brochures, maps, newspaper articles, videos, etc.

Entries MUST include a summary sheet and signed nomination form. Entries may be submitted by email or U.S. mail.

Two copies of all information must be submitted.

Send entries to:
Innovation Award Program
Massachusetts Municipal Association
One Winthrop Square
Boston, MA 02110

For more information, visit the MMA Innovation Award webpage.