FCC Announces New Webpage for Affordable Connectivity Program

May 10, 2023

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is announcing a new Affordable Connectivity Program landing page at The transition of to the new landing page occurred on the evening of May 3. will continue to exist as a resource for consumers and digital navigators and contain more detailed information about the Affordable Connectivity Program.

The FCC noted that they will continue their efforts to promote the Affordable Connectivity Program by providing grants to community partners, providing additional support for navigators who help eligible consumers enroll, and developing paid and earned media strategies to increase public awareness.

The FCC chose to utilize as the URL for consumer information and advertising about the Affordable Connectivity Program because it is simple and memorable, communicates what the program is about, serves as a call to action for eligible consumers, and links consumers directly to the application.  The information previously available at will continue to be available by accessing