Healthy Aging Leaders Continue to Share Statements on Racism and Inequity

Jun 10, 2020

In our previous newsletter, the Mass. Healthy Aging Collaborative shared statements on racism and inequity from national leaders in healthy aging and the age-friendly movement. Statements continued in the days following that article’s release and we will also continue to share those relevant announcements.

In a reflection shared with their network, the Tufts Health Plan Foundation president and vice president for corporate citizenship at Tufts Health Plan Nora Moreno Cargie underlined the Foundation’s commitment to equity and community.

“As a foundation, we will continue to listen to our communities and our partners; to promote social justice; to keep at the heart of our work equity, inclusion and what matters to community,” she stated. “We pledge we will continue to grow and to learn so we can be strong advocates for a just and equitable future.”

“Remembering that whatever the solution, it should be one that happens with community and not to community, that we honor the past, and that we get beyond talking and move to action.”

Below are other statements on racism and equity from leaders in healthy aging:

The John A. Hartford Foundation is working daily to improve the care of older adults and we will continue to put equity at the core of our efforts to create age-friendly health systems, support family caregivers and improve serious illness and end-of-life care. We pledge to continue fighting racism, ageism and other injustices that prevent us from living in a nation where we can all age with dignity.

Older people have a critical role to play in rectifying this situation. We have the chance to help create the multiracial, multigenerational movement that can help change everything. That can help rid the nation of the oppression that has hung heavily over our history.