New 2020 LTSS Scorecard Ranks State-Level Service and Support Systems

Oct 7, 2020

The fourth edition of the recently released 2020 LTSS (Long Term Services and Supports) State Scorecard ranks Massachusetts as 10th among state systems supporting older adults, people living with disabilities and their caregivers, according to state-level data compiled and analyzed by AARP, the Commonwealth Fund and the SCAN Foundation.

Unlike many other rankings that focus on a particular aspect of LTSS system performance, the Scorecard compares state LTSS systems across multiple dimensions, reflecting the importance and interconnectedness each has on the overall LTSS system. The full report is available at

Data used for this Scorecard was analyzed in 2019, prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. Therefore, performance on this Scorecard does not include the impact of the pandemic on the LTSS system, which is considerable. Nevertheless, the Scorecard indicators continue to be highly relevant, both in the current environment and in a future post-COVID world.

The Scorecard aims to empower state and federal policy makers and consumers with information they need to effectively assess their state’s performance across multiple dimensions and indicators, learn from other states, and improve the lives of older adults, people with physical disabilities, and their families.