ReiMAgine Aging

ReiMAgine Aging

Aging with Purpose and Meaning

There is no age limit on living a purposeful life. In this episode, we highlight Massachusetts programs that push back against ageism, defy stereotypes, and create opportunities for older adults. Explore how Massachusetts is combating ageism and creating opportunities for older adults to share their wisdom.
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  • Harry Pierre | Boston Senior Companion Program
  • Emily Shea | AgeStrong Commission, Boston
  • Alice Fisher, Ph.D. | OutStanding Life
  • Cynthia Cornelius | Seniors in Purpose and Power
  • Marian Walsh | Operation A.B.L.E.
  • Jeff McCue | Department of Transitional Assistance, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • Sandra Harris | Massachusetts Taskforce to End Loneliness and Build Community, AARP Massachusetts

Photo courtesy of AgeStrong Commission, City of Boston.