Highlights Report

community profiles coverThe Highlights Report presents a snapshot of findings from the Massachusetts Healthy Aging Data Report intended to generate dialogue and action. The goal is for these data to be used to spur action and also as way to benchmark success in the healthy aging movement.

The 2015 and 2014 Highlights Reports are complementary resources that build on one another.

In the 2015 Highlights Report, 39 new indicators of health were added, and in-depth, sophisticated data analyses were conducted to provide the “big picture” about the health of older citizens in Massachusetts. The 2015 Highlights Report also explores racial disparities and includes a new composite measure – the Serious Complex Chronic Disease measure – which distills 40 chronic disease indicators found to be positively associated with higher mortality rates. This measure is used to identify those communities that are most and least healthy.

View an infographic of the 2015 data (PDF) 

The 2014 Highlights Report provides an overview of aging in Massachusetts, including a more in-depth look at specific indicators such as hypertension, diabetes, depression, falls, and immunization. The 2014 Highlights Report also examines strengths and challenges among communities within six regions across the state.

Download the report files:

After you read the Highlights Reports, we encourage you to:

  •  Understand. Download your Community Profile and educate yourself and others in your community about the older adults who live in your city or town – their ages, living arrangement, health status, strengths, and vulnerabilities.
  • Engage. Bring stakeholders and community members together to start a conversation about what the data mean and what can be done to address challenges.
  • Act. Use the data to prioritize needs, potential interventions, new partnerships, funding sources, and allocation of resources.