Healey-Driscoll Administration Awards $3 Million in Hospital to Home Partnership Program Grants

The Healey-Driscoll Administration awarded $3 million in grants to acute care hospitals and Aging Services Access Points (ASAPs) across Massachusetts through the Hospital to Home Partnership Program. The program is designed to build partnerships between hospitals and ASAPs to strengthen communication and coordination with community providers.

Communities working to become more age- and dementia friendly may consider how they may be able to build additional support around this program to support patients transitioning from hospital to the home. Continue reading

Valuing the Invaluable 2023 Update: Strengthening Supports for Family Caregivers

The unpaid work provided by family caregivers is valued at an estimated $600 billion, according to the latest report in AARP’s Valuing the Invaluable series. This is a $130 billion increase in unpaid contributions from family caregivers since the last report was released in 2019. The economic impact of $600 billion is more than all out-of-pocket spending on health care in the U.S. in 2021. Continue reading

Supporting Diverse Family Caregivers: A Guide for Patient Advocacy Groups

The National Alliance for Caregiving (NAC) has released a new publication to assist patient advocacy groups in their efforts to support diverse family caregivers.

Through research with professional patient advocacy group representatives and diverse family caregivers in the condition areas of lung cancer, heart disease, blood cancer and lupus, Supporting Diverse Family Caregivers: A Guide for Patient Advocacy Groups addresses the impact of culture and identity on the way that family caregivers provide care, and introduces ways in which patient advocacy groups can support their caregiving experience through culturally responsive resources and supports. Continue reading

Mass Broadband Institute Promotes ‘Digital Equity Fellowship” Opportunity

The Mass Broadband Institute is promoting the Lead for America American Connection Corp, which is the nation’s largest service fellowship advancing economic prosperity, with an explicit focus on bridging the digital divide. The Massachusetts Healthy Aging Collaborative is further encouraging stakeholders advancing age- and dementia friendly communities to consider applying to address digital equity among older adults. Continue reading