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‘Shared Spaces and Health Equity: Lessons from a Pandemic’ from Smart Growth America Shares Examples Promoting Inclusion and Engagement

Activity-friendly streets, public spaces, and active transportation options became critical components of daily life during the COVID-19 crisis, providing avenues for physical activity, accessing essential needs and being outdoors safely.

But vulnerability during and the burden of the pandemic was not spread evenly across our communities. A field scan from Smart Growth America explores how decision-makers did (or did not) account for existing inequities in their emergency responses and identifies common barriers and lessons for the future. Some examples focus on older adults. Continue reading

MassDOT Launches Statewide Long-Range Transportation Plan and Solicits Public Feedback

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) is kicking off its 2050 Statewide Long Range Transportation Plan, entitled Beyond Mobility, by reaching out across the state to get residents to participate in an online survey. The survey is available at the following link (https://arcg.is/0HHyPD) and will be offered in all major languages spoken in Massachusetts.

The Massachusetts Healthy Aging Collaborative encourages age- and dementia friendly communities and stakeholders to complete and promote the survey in their networks to help raise the voice of older adults within the eventual plan. Continue reading

WalkBoston Report Reveals Fatal Pedestrian Crashes Disproportionately Impact Older Adults

A report released by WalkBoston, a Massachusetts pedestrian advocacy organization and key partner for the Mass. Healthy Aging Collaborative, provides new insights evaluating where and how fatal pedestrian crashes are happening across the state, and what these patterns tell us about creating safe roads for all. Among other findings, the report shows that over half (40 of 75) of the deaths happened in just 12 municipalities.  Continue reading